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ABOUT Tab Smith Ministries, Inc.

Tab and Natalies Miller
Director of Ministry's Welcome,

When God called me to ministry, or, rather, when I began to listen to His persistant calling, I could have no idea what He had in store. I still cannot tell what the future holds, but if God keeps moving this ministry in the direction He is now, we are in for a ride. 


In 2006, I was still in college and foolish enough to think I could run a ministry, but, while I pretended to be at the helm, God, in His grace, kept moving us in the right direction. When we incorporated an already long-running ministry in 2006, we had the general idea that we wanted to focus on Christian education. What that meant was still a bit undecided.


After some time, God led us to partner with Pure Water Ministry and to serve the Navajo of the American Southwest. While we have other ministries more local to us, our main calling is to serve these people. I want to stress the term "serve." We do not go to run the show, but to help as they see fit. They have asked to be taught God's Word more deeply, and that is a special gifting of our ministry. 


None of this could ever be possible without the grace of God coming through local support, both from individuals and organizations. We thank each of you and promise to be faithful with your giving.

Bright blessings,

Rev. Tab M. Miller
VP and Ministry Director 

Tab Smith Ministries, Inc.

Our History

Tab Smith Ministries began with the calling on Tab Smith, Sr. Mr. Smith dedicated his life to lay preaching, and his life's work, as well as his dedication to live a Christian life, influenced his son, Dr. Tab Smith. The influence continued as God called out Rev. Tab Miller and Dr. Thomas Miller, two of Dr. Smith's more.

Mission Standards and Statement of Faith:


For a statement on how we approach missions to Native Americans, click here.

For our Statement of Faith, click here.

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