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Summer 2023 Fund Drive

Since 2008, TSM, Inc. has served the people of The Navajo Reservation. Over the years, we have provided Children's VBS, Christmas supplies, building projects, and pastor training, just to name a small portion of our ministry. Fifteen years later, we have focused our ministry on training the next generation of pastors to lead the ministry of the Reservation. 

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Pastor Training

Our main focus in on training the Indigenous leaders of the Navajo Nation to lead their churches into the future

Church Expansions

Our churches are self-sustaining. When they receive funds from our ministry, it is usually for expansion needs. We do help churches serve their community through food banks and basic needs as well. 


Ministry Intergration 

We work to build a network of support, not simply from the outside, but from inside the reservation as well, as we work to content churches to one another so that pastors and leaders do not feel alone. 

Support the work

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